Bayonne Bridge


Ahern Painting Contractors


Woodside, NY

Services Provided:

Health and Safety Plan Preparation
Lead Worker Protection OSHA Air Monitoring
Lead Based Paint Abatement
Supervision and Air Monitoring Supervision
Noise Monitoring
Daily Project Reporting

Air & Noise Monitoring Services

CORE Environmental Consultants, Inc. (CORE) was hired by Ahern Painting Contractors, Inc. to complete air and noise monitoring services as part of the lead paint abatement and repainting of the Bayonne Bridge. The bridge spans the Kill Van Kull, linking Bayonne, NJ, with the Port Richmond area of Staten Island, NY and is owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ). The bridge has a mid-span clearance of 150 feet that permits oceangoing vessels to use this entrance to Port Newark and the Elizabeth-Port Authority Marine Terminal without interference. The specific lead removal methods used by Ahern include: abrasive blasting, chemical stripping, hand-scraping and power-scraping (needle-gun scaler). CORE performed work area and containment air monitoring, as well as noise monitoring. CORE trained and certified personnel completed the project monitoring tasks. As the project air-monitoring consultant, CORE completed NYSDOL and OSHA compliance monitoring for lead workers. Personal air pumps with filter cartridges were placed on a number of workers to sample the air throughout their work shift. The samples were collected and laboratory analyzed to determine worker exposure to lead and to ensure the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and respirators were utilized for each work assignment. CORE has also completed Noise Monitoring using an EXTECH HD 600 Data Logging Sound Level Meter. CORE performed surveys of noise levels at and around the construction site to establish noise mitigation criteria. CORE measured the noise levels emitted during work to confirm that the noise levels do not exceed the established criteria.