Flushing Asphalt – Subsurface Investigation


Flushing Asphalt LLC


Flushing, NY

Services Provided:

Utility Mark Out
Soil Boring Advancement
Groundwater Sampling
Soil Sampling
Laboratory Analytical Results
Summary Letter Report

Limited Subsurface Investigation (LSI)

CORE completed a Limited Subsurface Investigation (LSI) at Flushing Asphalt Plant, located next to Flushing Bay. The client asked CORE to complete a LSI to obtain information on the extent of any possible contamination at their property.

Prior to soil boring drilling, all utilities in the immediate area were marked out by Consumer Markouts.

A Geologist and Environmental Scientist drilled eight soil borings throughout the property in order to get a good indication of the extent of possible areas of contamination. Three wells were installed where groundwater was encountered. The shallowest refusal depth was at 8 feet below ground surface (bgs); the deepest being 24 feet bgs. Only two of the wells produced a sufficient amount of water for a sample to be collected. From the eight borings, two groundwater samples were collected and six soil samples were collected. Soil from each boring was field screened with a photo-ionization detector (PID) to screen for the presence of volatile organic compounds. All soil descriptions were logged at each 4’ boring advancement and the highest PID readings were recorded.

The samples were sent to York Analytical Laboratories and analyzed for TCL list volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds, total metal, pesticides and PCBs. Analyte results were compared to 6 NYCRR Part 375, Table 375-6.8(b) for soil samples and 6 NYCRR Part 703.5 Table 1 Water Quality Standards Surface Waters and Groundwater Class GA for groundwater samples. A Sample Location Map, Soil Boring Analytical Summary Table, Groundwater Analytical Summary Table, and Summary Letter Report was prepared and sent to the client upon project completion.