NY Power Authority – Lewiston


New York Power Authority


White Plains, NY

Services Provided:

Site Inspection
Health & Safety Plan
Free Product Recovery
Geophysical Survey
Subsurface Investigation and Groundwater Sample Collection

Site Investigation And Remediation Services

CORE provided professional remedial and investigative services for a fuel oil impacted site for the New York Power Authority (NYPA) in the Town of Lewiston, New York. The fuel oil was identified in overburden and bedrock monitoring wells. The parcel had been used as a construction staging area during the construction of the Niagara Power Project (NPP) in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Historical aerial photographs showed a storage building and a system of rail spurs crossing the property. Our phased approach to the project included:

    • A Site-specific Health and Safety Plan (HASP).
    • A geophysical survey and Geophysical Survey Report documenting
field activities and opinions on the type and amount of Site anomalies. The geophysical survey was followed by a test pit investigation to verify findings.
  • A subsurface investigation consisting of soil screening and sampling, rock coring, overburden and bedrock well installation, and soil and groundwater sample collection.
  • Characterization of all waste streams for treatment and/or disposal.
  • Manual product recovery from monitoring wells to remove separate- phase product.
  • Preparation of a Product Recovery Report to document field activities and findings and present data on Site hydrogeology, recovery rate evaluations, and long term remediation options.
  • A comprehensive Report with soil and groundwater analysis results, tables, figures, disposal documentation, and Site reconnaissance photographs. The Report details investigative methods and results, subsurface geology and hydrogeology, the vertical and horizontal extent of subsurface impacts, and conclusions and recommendations.
  • Remedial actions including vacuum extraction of free-phase product.
CORE completed the project within an abbreviated time frame while complying with NYSDEC requirements.