NYC School Construction Authority


Long Island City, NY

Services Provided:

Environmental Compliance
Waste Characterization
Specification Compliance
Sampling Plan Compliance
Data Review

Excavated Materials Disposal Plan Review

CORE was selected by the New York City School Construction Authority’s Industrial & Environmental Hygiene Division to perform ongoing reviews of numerous Contractor prepared excavated material disposal plans (EMDPs). Specifically, CORE was contracted to determine compliance with the specifications and Environmental regulations. This includes but is not limited to determining recommended sampling rates based on proposed disposal facilities, analysis of sampling data for hazardous or petroleum based contaminants, determining adequacy of proposed hazardous waste transporters, and reviewing sampling plans for compliance to specifications. CORE’s reviews have provided insight and clarification for the many facets of excavated materials disposal planning and smoothed the way for the approval of numerous EMDPs throughout New York City. On November 5, 2015 the NYC Administrative Code was amended to include the new Local Law 12 (LL12) that requires that the Department of Energy (DOE) and SCA provide environmental data reporting to constituents of the public schools, including charter schools. The law was established in response to potential exposure concerns to air contaminants in a leased school in the Bronx. CORE assisted in reporting any environmental inspection, visual or tests, conducted in or adjacent to a public school by or under direction of the NYCSCA IEH Division that indicates a quantifiable result exceeding a maximum regulatory level.