Red Hook Container Terminal


Red Hook Terminals, LLC


Brooklyn, NYC

Services Provided:

Site Inspection
Codes and Regulations Review
Fire Suppression Analysis
Health and Safety Planning
Flood Risk Analysis

Petroleum Bulk Storage & Dispensing Design

CORE was selected by Red Hook Terminals LLC to complete designs for both gasoline and diesel aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) and dispensing systems at the Red Hook Container Terminal in Brooklyn, New York. The Container Terminal is owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, but operated by Red Hook Terminals LLC. The project included a pre-design Site inspection, assessment of the facility’s gasoline and diesel needs, and preparation of design drawings and specifications following the Port Authority specifications. CORE performed reviews of both New York City Codes and Regulations and the Port Authority specifications regarding Petroleum Bulk Storage, fire safety, and flood zones. Best Management Practices (BMPs) consistent with industry-developed practices were employed to develop a comprehensive site-specific solution. The design included the following:

  • NYC UL-approved vaulted aboveground storage tanks and component details
  • New York City Codes and Regulation notes for construction, fuel systems, and fire suppression systems
  • Fire Suppression System detail
  • Electrical Systems detail
  • FEMA Flood Zone Map and flood restraints details and Parts/Equipment List
In addition to the system design, CORE provided bid specifications and drawings for Red Hook Terminals to utilize in bid procurement. Successful bid specifications and drawings required CORE’s continued interaction with both Red Hook and the Port Authority to ensure all necessary requirements were met.