NYS Homes & Community Renewal


NYS Homes and Community Renewal


Albany, NY

Services Provided:

Communicating with Community Award
Recipients to determine Program Activities
Determing NEPA and SEQR Classification
Reviewing Program Activities
Preparing Environmental Assessment
Data Compilation
Preparing Maps

Tier 1 Environmental Review Services

CORE was hired to assist the NYS Homes and Community Renewal Environmental Analysis Unit (NYSHCR - EAU) with Tier 1 programmatic environmental compliance reviews. These reviews were completed for NYS HOME Local Program Administrator (LPA) grant recipients located in various counties in Western New York. All reviews were completed in compliance with HUD’s National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) regulations, 24 CFR Part 58.

CORE’s responsibilities began with establishing contact with each award recipient in order to determine the Programmatic Activities and Program Area where funds would be used. The description of Programmatic Activities was used to determine the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) classification for each Program Area. Data was compiled for the Program’s geographic area, and was used to complete the Environmental Assessment. This process was thoroughly documented through maps and reports to support Environmental Assessment findings.