UST Closures and Investigations

Protecting Tomorrow, by Securing Today's Underground

Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) have served countless industries and institutions, providing essential storage for a myriad of substances. But when these tanks reach the end of their functional lifespan, it becomes imperative to close them responsibly. At CORE Environmental Solutions, our specialized services in UST closures and investigations prioritize safety, environmental protection, and compliance.

1. Comprehensive UST Closure Management

  • Description: Safely decommission USTs, ensuring that any potential hazards are contained and remediated.

Service Highlights:

  • Decommissioning: Safely empty and clean the UST, ensuring no residual substances.
  • Safe Disposal: Ensure that UST materials are responsibly disposed of, reducing environmental harm.
  • Site Rehabilitation: Once a UST is removed, the site is restored to a safe and usable condition.

2. UST Investigation & Assessments

  • Description: Inspect and evaluate USTs for potential leaks, structural issues, and other concerns, safeguarding against environmental threats.

Service Highlights:

  • Leak Detection: Employ the latest technologies to detect even minor leaks, preventing potential groundwater contamination.
  • Structural Integrity Assessment: Ensure that UST walls and structures remain uncompromised.
  • Soil and Water Testing: Test surrounding areas for any signs of contamination or leakage.

3. Regulatory Compliance and Documentation

  • Description: Adhere to all local, state, and federal guidelines when conducting UST closures and investigations.

Service Highlights:

  • Up-to-Date Compliance: Stay informed about the most recent regulations and best practices.
  • Detailed Reporting: Compile exhaustive reports outlining all steps taken, ensuring transparent communication.
  • Guidance on Remediation: If investigations uncover issues, provide actionable insights on appropriate remediation.

4. Post-Closure Monitoring

  • Description: After a UST has been closed, monitor the site to ensure no lingering environmental threats remain.

Service Highlights:

  • Continuous Site Checks: Scheduled site visits to monitor for any potential anomalies.
  • Long-Term Safety Measures: Implement and monitor precautionary safety measures such as barriers or containment systems.
  • Stakeholder Communication: Keep all stakeholders informed about post-closure conditions and any necessary measures.

Why Partner with CORE for UST Closures & Investigations?

  • Experienced Team: Benefit from our seasoned experts specializing in UST management.
  • End-to-End Solutions: From initial investigation to final closure, get comprehensive UST services.
  • Dedication to Safety: Prioritize safety, ensuring that all procedures meet or exceed regulatory standards.
  • Environmental Commitment: Strive to leave the smallest possible environmental footprint, safeguarding our shared future.

Closing the Chapter on USTs, with Precision and Responsibility

When it's time to close or investigate an Underground Storage Tank, let CORE Environmental Solutions guide you. Our commitment ensures a safer, cleaner environment for everyone.

Secure the future with CORE's UST Closures and Investigations. Reach out today to discover more.