AST/UST Inspections

Elevating Safety & Compliance in Above and Underground Storage

Storage tanks, whether they are situated above (AST) or below (UST) the ground, are vital components in various industries. However, their integrity and safety can't be overlooked. At CORE Environmental Solutions, our inspections of ASTs and USTs are designed to ensure not only compliance with regulations but also the security and safety of the environment and those nearby.

1. Comprehensive Inspection of Storage Tanks

  • Description: A full examination of ASTs and USTs to ascertain their condition, structural integrity, and any potential risks.

Service Highlights:

  • Integrity Checks: Examination of tank walls, foundations, and associated piping to detect potential weaknesses or corrosion.
  • Leak Detection: Use of cutting-edge technology to determine even the slightest leaks.
  • Safety Measures Review: Evaluate the implemented safety measures, venting systems, and secondary containment features.

2. Regulatory Compliance Assessment

  • Description: A thorough evaluation to ensure all storage tanks meet local, state, and federal regulations.

Service Highlights:

  • Regulation Updates: Stay updated on the most recent regulatory guidelines and requirements.
  • Documentation Review: Assess records of previous inspections, maintenance activities, and incident reports.
  • Recommendation Report: Offer a comprehensive report detailing findings and recommending action points for compliance and improvement.

3. Periodic Inspection Scheduling

  • Description: Offer a structured inspection schedule to ensure regular checks, thus maintaining tanks in optimal conditions.

Service Highlights:

  • Scheduled Visits: Routine inspections to detect issues early and ensure continued compliance.
  • Tailored Plans: Customized inspection plans catering to specific industry needs and tank types.
  • Reminder System: Advanced scheduling system to remind stakeholders of upcoming inspections.

4. Emergency Inspection Response

  • Description: Swift response for emergency situations or incidents involving storage tanks.

Service Highlights:

  • Rapid Deployment: Immediate dispatch of inspection teams in emergencies.
  • Incident Assessment: Thorough evaluation of incidents, outlining causes, effects, and remediation steps.
  • Post-Incident Monitoring: Continuous monitoring post-incident to ensure safety and prevent recurrences.

Why Choose CORE for AST/UST Inspections?

  • Industry-Leading Expertise: Trust a team that's backed by years of hands-on experience and deep domain knowledge.
  • Holistic Approach: Beyond mere compliance, aim for a higher standard of safety and environmental protection.
  • Precision Tools & Techniques: Harness the power of the latest inspection tools and methodologies.
  • Transparent Reporting: Clear, detailed reports that empower decision-makers with insights.

A Partner in Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Storage Solutions

With CORE Environmental Solutions at your side, extend the life of your storage tanks, ensure the safety of your operations, and stay ahead of compliance needs.

Embrace a future with reliable, secure storage solutions. Get in touch with CORE for AST/UST inspections today.