Atlas Park Parcel C


Cooper 8200 Realty, LLC.


Glendale, New York

Services Provided:

Revised Remedial Action Work Plan
Sub-slab Vapor and IAQ Sampling
Engineering Design & Analysis
SSDS Design and Installation

Brownfield Remedial Action Work Plan & Implementation

The Atlas Parcel C site is in a warehouse/commercial area located at 82-00 Cooper Avenue, Glendale, New York. In October of 2014, the ownership of the property changed and the Brownfield Cleanup Agreement (BCA) was amended to include Cooper 8200 Realty, LLC. as the Volunteer. Cooper 8200 Realty LLC retained CORE to revise the Remedial Action Work Plan (RAWP) submitted by the previous owner. The previous RAWP evaluated a $20 million Track 1 Unrestricted Use Cleanup for the site, including building demolition and excavation of over 66,000 cubic yards of soil. Based on provisions in the Decision Document (DD) issued for the site and current and planned future use as a commercial and industrial property, CORE reevaluated the cleanup goals. CORE suggested a Track 4 Commercial Use cleanup with evaluation of soil vapor intrusion potential in on-site buildings. The Track 4 cleanup goals prevent unnecessary demolition of on-Site buildings and is more cost- effective than achieving Track 1 cleanup goals. Upon approval of the revised RAWP by NYSDEC, CORE will complete soil vapor intrusion evaluation via installation of sub-slab vapor points and collection of sub- slab vapor and indoor air quality (IAQ) samples. If soil vapor intrusion mitigation is required, CORE will design and install sub-slab depressurization systems (SSDS) in the affected buildings. Under the BCA, CORE will also be required to complete a Final Engineer Report (FER) and Site Management Plan (SMP) to deal with impacted soils during potential future excavations.